Presentation by Professor Valentyn Halunko at the constituent assembly of the community organization “Academy of Administrative Law”

Presentation by Professor Valentyn Halunko at the constituent assembly of the community organization “Academy of Administrative Law”.
Private institution “Scientific Institute of Public Law” professes libertarian values, which laid the foundation for the work of the Institute.
According to the “Theory of economically active citizens”, state should interfere in the economic and other activities of entrepreneurs as little as possible, and to pursue efforts with a view to creating conditions conductive to growth of their number.
The large number of scientists addressed this very problem, i.e. the monograph “Man and the State”, as well as “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich von Hayek.
The scientists of the Institute are the founders of the theory of pensions, the implementation of which will make it possible to solve most of the existing social and economic problems of mankind today.
However, in today’s conditions, not a single scientific institution can solve these issues alone. Scientists need to cooperate with each other. And practically we have already accomplished the above mentioned task. Almost 90 scientists from various scientific institutions and higher educational institutions from all over Ukraine participated in publication of the textbook “Administrative Law of Ukraine. Full course “.
We need to move forward: from informal to legally formalized cooperation. The scientists’ goal is to unite the efforts, find the sectors of competitive scientific activity in the modern developing world.
The mechanism of scientific development should be based on accelerated development of public and private institutions, which must function in mutually beneficial cooperation with business entities, public administration actors, state scientific institutions and foreign scientific organizations.
The efforts are to be pursued within decades in order to develop and bring the science up to world level. We stand at the initial stage of this development. Today, we will be creating a Community Organization “Academy of Administrative Law”.
The main tasks of the Academy are as follows :
coordination of development of the theory and practice of administrative law
the protection of all members of the Academy, the support of young scientists and the care of the older generation
the introduction of European values;
the creation of a platform for scientific disputes;
the conduct of educational activities;
instruction and certification of scientific staff;
the development of the domestic economy.
The challenges we are going to address :
– we will engage young people to study science, so that the elderly scholars would have a comfortable and respectable old age;
– we will carry out scientific research in close cooperation with scientists from other countries;
– we will set milestones for growth of scientific and technological thinking, thus generating a new science.
Consequently, the creation of a community organization “Academy of Administrative Law” and subsequent measures should ensure the development and identification of useful material for humanity.
Dear scholars, you shouldn’t be afraid of moving forward, because the success of any public institution lies in cooperative efforts aimed at error recovery.