Specific features of postgraduate studies for foreigners in the Scientific Institute of Public Law

For the defense of doctoral dissertation in the field of law, specialization “Space Law”. Number of students: academic group of up to 10 graduate students.
Conditions for admission: visa support, approval of higher education documents on a competitive basis.
Competitive selection is conducted on the basis of test results on Theory of Law in English.
Language of instruction is English, at the students‘ request – Russian / Ukrainian / Romanian / Bulgarian or Polish.
Both intramural and extramural (including distance learning after the first course) academic programmes are available.
The cost of education at the Scientific Institute of Public Law ranges from $2,000.
The duration of studies at this level goes 4 years: 2 years of the educational curriculum + 2 years of drafting and defending doctoral thesis.
If a student has written a dissertation that has been accepted as a reviewed paper, then he / she is entitled to defend it earlier (after completing the educational curriculum).
The dissertation should be defended in the original language.
 The postgraduate student is awarded with diploma of Doctor of Philosophy, which is registered in the central agency of the executive branch implementing State policy in the field of science and education – Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Information on living conditions for foreign postgraduate students.
The first year students who do not speak Ukrainian / Russian are provided with a hostel, that offers a full range of services for independent living. In particular, 2-time meals – breakfast and dinner, security guard and supervisor. The cost of double rooms is 100 conventional units per month.
Therefore, in the second year of studying, foreign students who have accustomed to a new way of life can choose another accommodation of their choice.  Although residence in a hostel is guaranteed on the same terms.
The average cost of meals in Kyiv is about $ 15 per day.